Melissa Jenna Godsey

I’m MJ, and I live in Paso Robles, California with my husband, two children, and four chickens.

copywriter, uppity believer, family woman

You might know me from the early days of YouTube—I posted political and social commentary, participated in the 2007 CNN/YouTube presidential debates, and goofed around doing Nerdfighter stuff with a band of misfit vloggers.

Or you might know me from when I launched iFixit’s YouTube Channel. I racked up millions of views teaching people how to repair devices, computers, gaming systems and documented the process of outfitting our 24 Hours of LeMons racer. I also goofed around and smashed iPhones with my toddler.

Or you might know me from my writing on the intersection of faith and culture, millennial motherhood, or sundry political advocacy initiatives. I would have goofed around then, but I don’t know how to goof around in writing.

Or you might not know me at all, in which case: hello! I take great joy in seeking to understand complicated things, and then translating that into language that helps others do the same.

Whether we’re talking politics, culture, technology, faith, family life, or business, I’m oriented toward improving, solving, fixing, and repairing. I try and leave everything I interact with better than I found it. (And when I’m not in fix-it mode, you can find me goofing around.)

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