Nursing Pad Showdown: Nuk vs The First Years Vs Lansinoh

I purchased several different types of disposable nursing pads before I had my daughter, thinking “how different could they really be?” The answer: very different. Here’s a quick comparison of three different brands of nursing pads, Nuk Ultra-Thin,  The First Years and Lansinoh.

As someone with a strong let down and a tendency to leak, The Nuk ultra-thin nursing pads were absolutely useless. Sure, they wicked the moisture away from my breast…straight into my nursing bra and onto my tee shirt. Totally not absorbent, and certainly not for use overnight. If you’re the type to never leak, they’d work for you. (But then you wouldn’t need nursing pads would you?) The biggest plus is that they are the least expensive pads that I’ve seen, I think about $4.00 for 60.

Compared to the Nuk pads, The First Years nursing pads with lanolin felt super luxurious! Because the Nuk pads did such a poor job absorbing leaked milk, my nipples began to get really sore, so the lanolin in the The First Years pads was a booby-saver! The good: having the lanolin in the pad was very convenient. Also, they’re shaped to curve around your breast, which makes them far less visible through your nursing bra. (You can actually see the outline of the Nuk pads through your nursing bra AND your tee shirt!) And they’re fairly absorbent. I don’t know about overnight though, if you’ve got a crazy strong let-down like me. I used these as my “daytime” pad. The bad: I don’t always need the lanolin, but since it’s already in the pad I’ve got no choice. Also, the texture of the topmost layer is a little rough, which is the last thing you want next to a sore nipple. Still, way better than the Nuk. Pricing is $6.99 for 30 on Amazon, which means they’ll run you 1bout $14.00 for 60, making them them most expensive of the three. To be fair though, because these contain lanolin, you might not have to run out and buy it separately, saving you the expense.

Finally, the Lansinoh pads. Hallelujah! I kept thinking, “how hard can this be!?” The Lansinoh pads are contoured to be discreet underneath your clothes, they absorb an unbelievable amount of milk, and they have adhesive on the back so they don’t shift around while you’re sleeping. Yes, they are the priciest I’ve seen ($10 for 60 on Amazon), but boy are they worth it. Love these. Love love love these! (Buy the 60 pack because you’ll use them and it’s a better deal.)

Have you tried other types of disposable nursing pads? What did you think?

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  1. Maman A Droit

     /  September 13, 2010

    I loved the Lasinoh ones at first when I was leaky, then switched to Nuk when I wasn’t leaking hardly ever. Now I don’t need ’em at all-my baby is 14 months old 🙂

  2. I was reading for the winner with great anticipation. My mom has been a Le Leche League leader and a certified lactation consultant for about 18 years and is, in my incredibly biased opinion, the very best at what she does. Lansinoh is her recommended brand too. When we were toddlers, she’d even use one of the salves for cracked nipples on our dry lips in the winter.

    • What a cool job! I feel in love with the lactation consultant at the hospital I delivered at. She was just to upbeat and supportive! It must be really gratifying to help moms and babies with such an important part of their lives.

  3. Lynette

     /  December 4, 2010

    I use the Lansinoh pads. They don’t have any lanolin on them(which is good because I’m allergic). At home and at night I have often used cloth diapers stuffed in my bra to save money, lol. saving the pads for when I go out.


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