Gotta Pump? Get A Bustier

Recently (in the Bravado vs. Glamourmom Nursing Tank Showdown) I talked about how there are hundreds of products available to help breastfeeding mamas get the job done easier, and sometimes even gracefully. Some of them just make sense (breast pads, for example), and others seem less necessary. I use a breast pump to express milk at home (for bottles and for freezing when I have to go back to work), and I love how it’s enabling me to continue giving my baby breast milk, even though soon I won’t be home to feed it to her personally. It takes commitment though. The thing that was the most inconvenient was simply the time it took to sit down and pump. I could use that time to answer email, or eat a snack, or read a book…anything! Fortunately for me, four sisters in San Francisco created a hands-free pumping bra to give me back my precious minutes lost to pumping.

Today I’m raving about the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bustier.

The Simple Wishes bustier is one of those not-totally-necessary pumping accessories, but I can tell you from personal experience that the ability to multitask while pumping saves precious time and kind of made me feel like wonder woman. The general look of it kind of put me off at first (it didn’t appear to be something someone clumsy like myself could use), but once I tried it I realized how simple it is. My biggest concern was that the bustier would sag as the bottles began to collect milk, but this baby is made of some strong material! I wish my normal day-to-day bras were this supportive! It never sags, and it’s really easy to put on and take off. The closure is a vertical zipper down the front, so it couldn’t be much easier. By using the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bustier, I’ve reclaimed about a half an hour a day, which doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but you know if you’ve got a little one to care for just how valuable thirty minutes is (that’s a spa-length shower!).

I purchased mine on Amazon for $28.00 with free shipping, and I’d do it again. Come to think of it, this is one of those “wish I knew about it earlier” things that would have made an excellent baby shower gift. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking of shower gifts in the future– if she’s breastfeeding, the bustier will be a blessing!

Do you have any breastfeeding tricks-of-the-trade? Comment down below, because sharing is caring.

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  1. looks handy. I’m going to try this first though. should be fun!


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