Dear Elliott: True Fashion is Appropriate

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I started jotting down things I wanted to be sure to tell her someday, when the time is right. The list is varied with some serious, some irreverent, and some plain-old-useful advice and tips on living. None of my advice is intended to make her more like me, but rather to save her the unnecessary trouble in figuring some of these things out the hard way. Will she make some of the same mistakes I did? Probably. We all like to learn things for ourselves every now and again.

I suppose I feel like there was a lot I could have gotten from my mom that I didn’t, whether it was because I wasn’t paying attention, or because it wasn’t offered, so I’m going to try my best to pass along all of the good things that I know to my little girl. And, in typical mj fashion, I’m keeping a list. Every Thursday you can expect to read one of the many tid-bits I intend on passing on to my daughter, beginning today, in a series I’m calling “Dear Elliott.”

1. True fashion is appropriate. When choosing what to wear, consider these three things first: the weather, the time of day and the occasion. Even a brilliant girl looks silly standing in the rain in flip-flops. And don’t out-dress the hostess. Look up Alix, aka The Cherry Blossom Girl; she’s usually spot-on:

Alix, "The Cherry Blossom Girl"(Photo courtesy of The Cherry Blossom Girl.)

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