Dear Elliott: Use Your Crock-Pot

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I started jotting down things I wanted to be sure to tell her someday, when the time is right. None of my advice is intended to make her more like me, but rather to save her the unnecessary trouble of figuring some of these things out the hard way. Every Thursday you can expect to read one of the many tid-bits I intend on passing on to my daughter, in a series I’m calling “Dear Elliott.”

3. Use your crock-pot. The easiest meal is one you don’t have to tend. Most stews require chopping up a few kinds of vegetables, cubing some meat, tossing in some kind of liquid and setting the crock-pot to 8 hours. You can leave the house and come home to a delicious home-cooked stew feeling extra smart because it was so easy and you’ve got plenty left over for lunch the next day. If you’re feeling like doing a little extra “work,” warm some rolls or store-bought artisan bread (you won’t really notice a difference) and serve it with your stew. Hearty, tasty and best of all, easy.

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I’m a recipe fiend– Do you have a favorite slow-cooker recipe? I’m a meat lover (as much as it offends my veggie & vegan friends), so I’m especially interested in meaty recipes. But, I’m always looking to try new (tasty) vegan cuisine, so if you’ve got a recommendation, please let me know below. Because, as always, sharing is caring.

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