My Experience With Postpartum Hair Loss

As I was combing my conditioner through (because I’m the type of girl that meticulously follows instructions, even when printed on the back of a bottle of conditioner), my pulse quickened as I combed out so much hair I thought I might be going bald. Uncle Fester bald. Rest assured, dear superficial internets, that I’m simply experiencing one of the many “wonders” of motherhood: postpartum hair loss.

When one is expecting a child, one’s normal hair-loss pattern is paused (which is why many women report wearing luxurious locks during their preggo months), and, usually a few months after birth, all of that saved-up hair seems to fall out all at once. Even though I was expecting an exodus of hair, nothing prepared me for the drain-clogging Cousin-It looking nightmare that has befallen me. I thought to take a picture to show you, but even I have a sense of privacy.

(Un)fortunately for me, I’ve got the thickest hair I’ve ever seen on a Northern Italian, so this sudden hair loss is such a blessing. I was growing weary of figuring out just what in the heck to do with all of that hair. And unlike some women, my hair is falling out evenly, which is convenient. I’m approaching my next juncture (new hair style!) faster than I anticipated, so I’m taking suggestions. I’m thinking blunt-ish eyebrow length bangs with collar-bone length, dirty-blonde layers. (While we’re talking about this, can we also come  up with another name for “dirty” blonde? I’ve never liked that sobriquet.) Here’s a picture of a hairstyle that I really like, although I just cannot remember where I found her:

Share your scary hair loss stories in the comments below, or pitch in on my new hair style! (Also, just so you know, I gave myself a high-five a la Liz Lemon for making two Addams Family references in a single post. Just before Halloween. Unintentionally. Holler!)

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  1. Jennie Blue

     /  October 28, 2010

    Melissa, I love the hair syle pictured on you. I truly do not think you can improve on it. Just a bit of advice, I think it more fortunate that you are blessed with thick hair than unfortunate, your hair becomes thinner as you age, true that day is a long way off, but I also find hair can be styled in more ways if thicker.

    • Melissa, your precious mother-in-law shared your webs with me, I so love each one. before I forget, I love your hair just as above, with the bangs, very smashing!
      I have not been able to find the web all about Ellie, I am still working at it. but I loved the forgiveness one.
      I am in awe Melissa, how absolutely wonderful and pixie you are, do please give us more pictures of Ellie and perhaps Michael as well.
      Fondly, Jennie Blue

  2. Female baldness runs in my family plus my father was also bald so I’m SUPER paranoid about losing my hair. I have a lot of it and I shed a lot during my weekly washes so, I have a hair drain in my shower. I got it at Wally world and it was only a few bucks. If you have a clogged drain you should try a Zip It! It works wonders!

    I think you’ll be cute with the bangs and a chin bob.

  3. HaileyFashion

     /  May 18, 2011

    I needed a shampoo to help with hair shedding and i bought the Volume Shampoo from Shielo Hairand it seems to be doing it’s job perfectly. I have only been using this twice now and my shedding seems to have been under control. The itching on my scalp is no longer there ….

    I have been shedding for 2 months now and the last few weeks has gotten really bad….After 2 use of the Volume Shielo Hair Shampoo product, it seems like it has stopped the shedding process.

  4. There basically no way to stop it. So smile and eat well. At least itll make your skin glow and postpartum wont last over a few months to a year if your diet is good.


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