A Big Scary Week

This week is kind of huge. Not only am I returning to work for the first time in about four months, but I’m beginning a new job to boot. (I’ve always wanted to use “to boot” in a post. Don’t know why.) I’ve got all kinds of anxiety about being away from Elliott for an entire day, and a measurable amount of discomfort thinking about what pumping at work is going to be like, especially because I’ll be at a new workplace with new coworkers. I’m very comforted knowing that I’m leaving Elliott with me awesome mother-in-law, and I know I’m going to get along at my new job just fine, but they’re both such sudden changes that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

It’s difficult to explain my circumstance without sounding wishy-washy or confused. Am I going to miss Elliott? Terribly. But I love that she’ll be with her grandma, and I’m looking forward to reclaiming some autonomy and working in a field I’m very excited about. Am I sad to leave my old job? Oh man. I loved that place, but I’m thrilled to be going where I’m going and I cannot wait to see what awaits. If this all sounds conflicting and somewhat cliché, that’s because it is.

I’ll offer more details about where I’m going/what I’m doing as I feel comfortable, but for now I’ll leave it at this: My last job was the very best experience I’ve ever had in a workplace. I met some fascinating and talented individuals, made some of my closest friends, was led by one of the most inspiring women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing AND met my husband, and I wouldn’t have considered leaving if this next opportunity didn’t excite me as much as it does.

Thank you to those of you who made my previous endeavor so deeply rewarding.

As for the future? Look out internets. Here comes more mj than you know what to do with.

(Unrelated: My challenge to quit pants for a year officially began today. Check out the video for the deets.)

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  1. Those are 2 big brand new things to do at once. I’m sure you’ll be great and I’m sure that grandma is happy to have Bean!

  2. Just checking in to see how you’re doing. And, whatever this new adventure is…you will do amazing. Twas a pleasure working with you!


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