Writing About Not Having Time to Write.

So. Let’s talk about time. Time and parenting. Time and parenting and my self-centered needs.

You’ve heard it all before: between caring for a child, taking care of chores, grocery shopping and preparing dinner, there is a scant amount of time left-over for nurturing one’s marriage, or other less essential things like reading a book or painting one’s finger nails. I knew this. I mean I really knew it. So why did I decide to start not one but two new blogs? And have I mentioned that I’ve started a new (part-time) job? And that I’ve committed to working 10-15 hours a week at church? Just who do I think I am, anyway? Wonder Woman I am not; nor am I Bat Girl or any other female in possession of super-powers.

About a month (maybe a month and a half) ago, I was staying up until midnight or 1:00 AM writing for this blog and planning my future posts. I even have an adorable little “editorial calendar” to help me stay on track and remain as relevant as possible. (You know, because I have so very much time to write that I need a calendar to keep myself organized.) My system was worked well for about two weeks. Then I cascaded into a loosy-goosey semi-insanity called “sleep deprivation,” and that pretty much knocked some sense into me. As much as I enjoy writing, it just wasn’t worth sacrificing the precious hours of sleep. So now I try to jot down my ideas for posts, and as the list piles up I’m beginning to get the feeling like I might never catch up. And that’s okay I guess, so long as I write a bit here and there.

Sleep-deprived temporary insanity aside, here’s what the past few weeks have been like, in photos:

Among the images you’ll see my fateful encounter with a Google Street View car, and the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Both in the same week! Also pictured is the studio (work in progress!) that I’m recording in at my new job, and my very sad looking desk. Not a single tchotchke. Yet.

So I’ll just keep on going to bed before midnight if that’s okay with you all, and you can expect to see an update here once or twice a week. Deal?

Hugs from over the internets.


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  1. You’re not alone–that’s for sure! Nice post!


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