Career vs Baby-Making

I filmed this super-casually (obvs), after I put Ellie to bed tonight. Mostly just because I hadn’t posted a video to my channel in about a month, and I figured some ladies could relate. Enjoy!

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  1. I agree that work will always be there and being a Mom is just as important as going to a 9-5 job. For some women, being a Mom is their dream. My problem, and maybe it’s because I live in an area that is baby obsessed, is being judged because I don’t have children yet. It’s like, oh you don’t have kids, there must be something wrong with you! I am constantly asked if my husband and I are trying to have kids or when we will begin trying. That’s such a personal question. I am very blessed to have perused my career early in my twenties so that now in my thirties I am ready for having kids, but I don’t think someone should be criticized or judged if she believes she should focus on her career and does not want to have children. Not everyone is meant to have kids and some can’t. In my area, I have been marginalized for not having children yet.


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