Tech Lust: iPhone Mirror Mod

iFixit iPhone 4 Mirror Mod MelissaJennaOkay, seriously? This is the most excited I’ve been about a thing since I got my iPhone 4. How AWESOME is this rear panel? No more carrying a mirror. No more wondering if I have something in my teeth. Spying on people beind me? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I need to know two things from you: 1) How BALLER is this? 2) Is this something you’d consider using?

Perhaps before you can answer number 2, you need to know what, exactly it is. It is a replacement rear-panel for my iPhone 4, except it’s mirrored instead of black. So basically, you take off the old panel, put on the new one and…..well, that’s it, you’re done!

Here’s a video I did where I show you how to switch the backs. Basically it’s four steps: 1) remove two screws, 2) slide back off of phone 3) slide new back onto phone, 4) put screws back in. But here’s the video, just in case (please excuse my ill-advised bangs): 

So whaddaya say? You likey? While I’m not getting compensated for this post, I do work for iFixit, and I did get this panel for freesies. I’m testing it out to see how well it wears, and  doing some very casual, not-at-all-scientific, totally unmeasurable market-research to gauge interest in the mirrored rear panel. Personally? I’m in love. (And NOT just because I’m vain.)

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  1. Jerry

     /  February 23, 2012

    Hey can you try it out with a ZAGG shield or something similar? Thanks!

    • We have some Zagg-like screen protectors at the office, so I’ll give it a shot next week. My guess though, is that it’s going to distort the reflective surface.

    • I’ve only had it for 2 days now, but I LOVE it. It makes it so much easier to take myspace-style photos of myself. #ImSoVain

  2. Brandon

     /  March 1, 2012

    Meh. As a guy I couldn’t care less…
    !!! unless I was stuck in the deep wilderness with only my iPhone, in which case it would still be useful. I might be out of cell range, but I could hail the helicopter trying to find me!

  3. brian

     /  March 19, 2012

    Why not just go to the camera, flip it to the front camera and use that as your mirror? Cool that it is so easy to change the back panel out but I dont get why you would want to put a mirror on there to get all scratched up.

    • melissajenna

       /  April 2, 2012

      Though it sounds lazy, it takes to long to open up the camera and switch it to front-facing, whereas the mirrored rear panel is always present. And actually, after a month of using it without a case, and after dropping it several times, the mirrored panel still looks great! (Only one scratch from dropping it!) It is holding up much better than the rear panel that the iPhone originally came with, which is really strange to me.

  4. russell

     /  April 1, 2012

    Awesome! Where do I buy this panel? I couldn’t find it on the ifixit site.

    • melissajenna

       /  April 2, 2012

      I’m demoing it for a little while to see how it holds up with day-to-day use. Once we’ve determined that the quality is good enough to sell, we’ll begin carrying it in our store. I’ve had it for about a month now, and it still looks great, so I’m hopeful that we’ll carry it in the near future.

  5. John M

     /  April 2, 2012

    How’s the mirror back holding up after a month?

    • melissajenna

       /  April 2, 2012

      It’s holding up really well! It has one tiny scratch on it from when I dropped it, but to be honest, I think it’s holding up better than the original rear panel that came on the iPhone. I’m hoping we’ll begin to carry them at iFixit soon. 🙂

  6. I’d also be interested in buying one (or two) from iFixit. I hope it holds up well (I might put a Zagg invisible shield screen protector on the mirror anyway). Any ETA? You have yours naked, no screen protector, right?

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