Update Your Links/RSS, Please!

I’m movin’ on up, y’all! (“To a deeelux apartment in the skyyYYYyy…” If you don’t get that reference, see THIS VIDEO.) No, actually I’m not physically moving anywhere. Really, what happened, is that after FIVE LONG YEARS I’ve finally obtained the domain “,” and I can finally use it as my primary URL! If I seem unnaturally excited, that’s because the process has been arduous, and I’m so so happy that it’s finally over.

A little backstory (because maybe you love a good story as much as I do): when I originally came on the YouTube scene back in 2007, my channel blew up pretty quickly (by 2007′s standards) and I quickly grew a dedicated and fantastic “fan”-base. 99% of the people who followed me back then were amazing, supportive, loving people. Some of them, though, would do strange things like send me inappropriate emails, go around spreading lies about me on the Internet, or buying my domain-name out from under me and building a fan-site as an homage. It was supposed to be a flattering gesture, but what it really was, was a ploy to become buddies with me, knowing that I’d want my domain name for my own personal use.

So I contacted the domain-squatter and after asking nicely, and then quite forcefully, several times, it was agreed that I could buy my domain name from this guy for the completely affordable price of $50. But, because I was still so bothered by the idea of basically being extorted into communicating with someone, I decided not to pay the guy $50, and just drop it entirely. I figured that eventually he’d grow sick of paying to domain-renewal fee, and eventually the registration would lapse, and then I’d pick it up for its normal selling price. Which is exactly how it played out. Huzzah! It’s a small victory, sure, but it certainly does feel good to know that I did not allow myself to be taken advantage of.

But unfortunately, anyone who has subscribed to “” will have to update their links/RSS to my new domain. It’s just like updating my cell phone number in your phone, except dorkier, and with a more dramatic explanation.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience! But perhaps you can celebrate with me the small joy of side-stepping extortion, and finally winning a five-year-long struggle.

xoxo, Melissa

(ps. this past weekend was me and my husband’s wedding anniversary! I think I’ll post a few of the photos tonight. 🙂 )

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  1. Tim Ishii

     /  March 6, 2012

    Look forward to hearing more.


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