Spring Breaking, Shell Beach Style

Now, personally, I haven’t had a “spring break” since the last semester I spent at community college, and even back then it wasn’t anything special. In those days I worked in a bookstore, and if I would have asked for a week off, they would have laughed in my face. So I didn’t want to sacrifice my discount (or book-checkout-privelages) by asking for a vacation, so I never really had the “typical” college spring break. Body-shots in Cancun? How about kicking off my shoes and rereading Pride and Prejudice on my lunch breaks, down by the creek? That’s right. I know how to par-tay.

Fast-forward to nowadays: I’m married to a school teacher and have the most precious little kiddo you ever did see. Since my husband gets two weeks “off” (if you don’t count all of the schoolwork he has to do at home over the break, which, actually, is kind of a lot) for spring break, we get to do wonderful things together as a family, like go on walks! And eat muffins! And play at the park! Forget Christmas, Spring Break is the most wonderful time of the year. Days like today make me so so happy to be alive, and awe-inspiringly grateful to be living the life I’m living. I s’pose it helps that the weather in Shell Beach lately has been fricking exquisite. It smells like happiness and rainbows and sunshine, no joke.

So, in the spirit of celebrating good things, here are some choice photos from today, our first spring-breaky kind of day:

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