Friday Freebie! DIY: Oil-Botting Sheets

DIY Oil Blotting Sheets Melissa JennaIf we’re bring kind: I’m pretty frugal. If we’re being mean: I’m a cheapskate. Either way you slice it, I loves me some free stuff. (You should see how I hoard the complimentary toiletries from hotels; it’s a little embarrassing.) So imagine my delight when I learned I could cease shelling out my hard-earned cash on those little oil-blotting papers that I am oh-so-addicted to (I have…”glowing” skin). Don’t get me wrong: I love all those fancy little botanical-infused, powder-lined, anti-oxidant enhanced varieties, but honestly? I’d rather save the ten bucks and do something a little silly. (And, fair warning: this method does feel a little silly.)

*Ahem*…So you know those paper toilet-seat liners that supposedly protect our tushies from other people’s butt-germs? Well, did you also know that they’re just as good at absorbing oil as those expensive oil-blotting sheets? Of course not. Why would you? Who puts a toilet-seat-liner on their face? I do, fair reader. I do. And you will, too, if you want to save some dollars, and you have very little shame. Here’s whatcha gonna’ do:

1. Procure thyself a paper toilet-seat cover. Easy enough. If you also intend on using the loo, you can just tear out that middle flappy-piece and hang onto it.

2. Press that bitty piece of paper against your oily spots, exactly the same way you would with normal oil-blotting papers.

3. Admire your shine-free skin, and remind yourself how smart you are for saving lots of dollars on what amounts to, basically, glorified toilet-seat-cover paper. (Gloating is also appropriate here.)

I’ve also attached a close-up of the used paper (icky! I know!) so you can see proof-positive that I’m not just making this up. It really does work.
BONUS! Hey, man-readers (haha. I have zero man-readers): if you have an issue with shiny skin, you don’t have to risk going into a Sephora to buy blotting papers “for your girlfriend/sister/mom!” It’s cool. You can thank me later.
This might be my favorite cheapskate beauty-trick in my arsenal, and I am pleased as a pickle (is that a real expression? Or did I just invent that?) to share it with you. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff, amIright? What’s your favorite cheapo beauty-trick? Sharing is caring!
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  1. Brandon

     /  April 21, 2012

    “You should see how I hoard the complimentary toiletries from hotels; it’s a little embarrassing.”

    A few years ago I realized I had at least 20 travel sized shower gels/soaps, and a similar amount of shampoos, and almost everywhere I traveled to provided new ones, so I started using through the surplus. It was nice to not need to buy that stuff for a while!


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