Giveaway: Fancy-Pants Die-Cut Business Cards

Ohhhkay, so I know I’ve been hammering “Summer of 7” pretty hard this past week or so, so I figured I’d give it a rest (for one more day), and instead, offer up a sponsored giveaway. I don’t do these sorts of things often, but I happen to really like the product, and I think you guys will too.

I’m talking UPrinting die-cut business cards. “But you’re not a fancy-pants business-professional, in need of formal business card printing services” you say? Allow me to ‘splain.

I’m in toddler-land, over here in Casa de Godsey, and as such, we spend a lot of time at local parks. There has been more than one occasion when I’ve met another mama at the park, and we’ve totally clicked, but I didn’t have the guts to ask her for her number, to arrange for future park-dates. (I don’t think my phone-number-getting strategy has improved at all since high school.) A “mommy card,” with my name, email and cell phone number could have totally come in handy! I could have whipped it out, all cool-like, and said, “hey, call me if you ever want to meet up for coffee, or take these two to the beach,” without putting her in the awkward position of having to give her number to a stranger.

When I’m not in toddler-land, I’m in “professional” mode, representing my “brand” as a video-blogger and “web personality.” (Imagine my fingers choking on each of those words as I type them out. Trust me, I know how I sound.) Z-list Weblebrity status aside, there are times when I’d love to pass along my info, without necessarily giving someone my personal cell-phone number. Times like this call for an “Internet card” (as in, all of my Internet contact info. I made that up.).

You get the point. Business cards come in handy, even (and especially) for non-traditional business people, and these die-cut cards come in traditional and totally non-traditional shapes. So, from today through Sunday, June 10th, you can enter to win your very own set of customizable business cards, courtesy of UPrinting. (You can upload your own images, or use stock images.)

Mine might read something like this: “Melissa Jenna Godsey is On The Internet, and Wants You to Know That She’s Kind Of a Big Deal. She’s Such A Big Deal, That She Has Her Own Business Cards.” Whaddaya think? Too subtle? Maybe I should just walk about singing, “I’m. Too fancy for my pants. Too fancy for my pants. So fancy let’s daaaance!” (PLEASE click that link and laugh along with me!)

Here’s how you enter: Visit UPrinting’s Business Cards Page and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite business card die-cut shape from their line-up. Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy! I will use’s random number generator to determine who wins. One winner will be selected. Make sure I can contact you to let you know that you’ve won. Anonymous comments cannot win, because I have no way of contacting you.

(And this is a good time to mention that you should totally follow me on Twitter, and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel. It won’t help you win this contest, but sometimes I say some funny stuff, and when I don’t have anything funny to say, I just retweet “Honest Toddler.” You have nothing to lose.)

The winner will receive:  250pcs Customizable Die-cut Business Cards (winner chooses either the 2×3.5″ Rounded Corners cards, the 2×2″ Rounded Corners cards, the 1.75×3.5″ Rounded Corners cards, the 2×3.5″ Leaf cards, the 2×3.5 Rounded one corner cards, the  2×3.5″ Half Circle Side cards, the 2×3.5″ Oval cards, or the 2.5″ Circle cards), printed on 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated. 6 Business Days Turnaround time, Free US shipping only.


1.       This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18 years old and above.

2.       No prize substitutions allowed.

3.       Winners are allowed to win once over a six-month period.

4.       Only email addresses used for the giveaway will be eligible to claim the prize.

SO. If you’re down with free-stuff, get thee to the comment section! Good luck! And “may the odds be ever in your favour!”

xoxo, mj

“You should assume that the owner of this blog will receive free print products in exchange for the post. Any and all reviews posted are based solely on my own experience and may be atypical. Please practice due diligence in making any related purchase decisions. Interested to hold a giveaway like this? Please sign up here.”

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  1. Eric

     /  June 6, 2012

    I like the leaf shape. It kind of stands out among a pile of standard cut business cards

  2. Of the three that are shown, I like the leaf shape. Definitely different (but the green probably sold me….it’s my favorite color). However, I clicked on the drop down box to see other shapes. I would choose the circle!!

  3. I love the leaf. It stands out. The circle and the classic rectangle with rounded corners are also nice.

  4. The leaf definitely.

  5. You, my friend, ARE a big deal 🙂
    I’m thinking I like the leaf best as well – or the rounded corners.

  6. Honestly, I just like the plain old rectangles 🙂

    I’m really happy with the cards I ordered from Uprinting last winter….I’d love to win some so I can update my cards for fall conferences!

  7. I love the rounded corners. I hate getting poked by the sharp corners of regular biz cards.

  8. I’m likin’ the circles


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