Summer of 7: Jamie Sets Me Right

A “Summer of 7” sister, Jamie, of  Six Bricks High, recently posted some thoughts about “stress week.” She took a much wiser approach than I did, and, like I told her, I WISH I could have read her post before I began “stress week.” Talking about making time to read the bible, Jamie writes

It’s amazing how I have the urge to just get the laundry started and then I’ll sit and read.  Or let me just get the dishwasher unloaded first then I will sit and read.  When I’m spending time on Pinterest I never have those thoughts.

When I’m spending time on Pinterest, I never have those thoughts.

When I’m spending time on Pinterest, I never have those thoughts.

When I’m spending time on Pinterest, I never have those thoughts.

What is wrong with my head, that I check Pinterest borderline obsessively, yet I feel compelled to do every chore in my house before I sit down and read my bible? I know I’m not the only one in this boat, and I am SO grateful to Jamie for holding up a mirror to this particularly bad habit of mine.

Maybe you’re not a Pinterester; do you sometimes find yourself putting off reading because you have “too much else to do,” but still check facebook (etc) compulsively?

With every day that passes, I know that “media week” is going to be very very hard for me. But in a good way. In the way that training for a marathon is hard.

I am both eager, and terrified.

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  1. Oh girl, it is not just you! This week has been a real eye opener for me as well. And I’m hoping and praying that I don’t let myself slip so quickly back to my ugly habits.

    Both eager and terrified? Me too.

  2. “But in a good way.”

    I’m not sure there is a good way. Sometimes I pray, “Lord, take me now!” :p

    • Ha, right? What’s that expression? “No pain no gain?” I think it’s as true for spiritual formation as it is for working out. 🙂 The good stuff is never easy.

  3. I know. I know. I’m thankful I got to read Jamie’s post before I get to that week. I’m so trying to design my weeks to tweak habits that I’ve been thinking of. As I finish my food week, I think I’m only going to add a few foods back in. I’m so loving the simplicity of it all!!! And yes….I let way to many things distract me from God FIRST!! Wreck my heart God – please!!!

    • Seeing your food week posts has really helped prepare me for what’s to come. Something about having someone go before you makes it so much less scary, you know? Like, “I can do this, because I know people who have.”


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