Sacrificing Sustainability on the Altar of 18-Month Product Cycles

Hey folks!

I’ve been at iFixit a little more than usual this week, and have had gadgets and repair on the brain. I know that sustainability in tech design isn’t the sexiest subject (but honestly, if you’re looking for sexy, you’re at the wrong blog), but you need to be aware of this kind of stuff. Just watch the video, and if your interest is piqued, look into the issue a bit more. Agreed? So here is a small sliver of what’s been on my brain this past week regarding the latest updated Apple computers.

Quick and easy, right? Like ripping off a bandaid. If you want to read a bit more about why sustainability in design is important, and how unsustainable design is hurting the world, read this article my boss just wrote. (Fair warning: if injustice makes you angry, prepare to get a little pissed-off.)

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  1. Brandon Barkley

     /  June 22, 2012

    I am currently typing this on a laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz with 2GB of RAM) that my cousin said was a piece of junk just taking up space in his house. all because it was a few years old, the case has a crack, and a couple letters on the keyboard don’t work.

    I hooked up a wireless keyboard and for the most part it has served my purposes. It is not really that mobile, but I only use a laptop so I can hang out downstairs with my wife rather than being sequestered to our computer room… which by the way has a system that I built in 2004 (with a few upgrades in the meantime).

    I’m not really bragging, but it makes me happy that in this world of waste, I can buck back against it in some ways.

    Or it may just be that I’m broke.


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