Makeup Fast: Day 6 of 40 (I’m a Cheater)

(Written on Monday, July 2)

Today was supposed to be day 6 of my makeup-fast, but I’m declaring today AND tomorrow a do-over. Allow me to explain myself.

If you’re new here, I work, part-timeish, as a writer and host for, and when I’m hosting, I appear on camera, and when I appear on camera, I must wear makeup. That makes fasting from makeup hard, and presents some unique challenges.

Last week, when I went in for filming, I arrived at the office barefaced, applied my makep, filmed my segment, and then promptly washed my makeup off. Today was different, because today there was a film-crew from France in the office, capturing interviews and maybe some b-roll, and I was NOT ABOUT TO BE CAUGHT ON FRENCH NATIONAL TV BAREFACED, Y’ALL. Hate on me if you want to, but in all seriousness, I might use some of that footage in my demo-reel, and I cannot be looking like a wildebeest in my demo-reel, OKAY? Okay. Glad we’re clear.

So I arrived at the office this morning in full makeup, and because I forgot to also pack my face-wash and moisturizer, I couldn’t wash my makeup off before I left. Because of all of this, I am declaring today a do-over. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m filming alllllll day, and the French crew will still be around, so I’m preemptively declaring tomorrow a do-over, also. This all means that I’m adding two makeup-free days to my calendar, making my new ending date August 8, 2012, because I am nothing if not committed.


So today, when I arrived home, the first thing I wanted to do was wash my face. Can you believe it? Like I mentioned a few days ago, I’m in a weird spot where I don’t really like my bare-face, and I don’t really like my makeup-face anymore either, so the only option is a paper-bag, right? Or maybe, like, a fancy mask with feathers? (Someone get on that.)


Last thing, I promise. I’m beginning to notice that lots of women don’t wear much makeup. I mean, basically everyone I see wears some makeup, but many ladies only have on mascara and lipgloss. Was I the ONLY one applying my makeup with such regimental zeal? How come none of you told me this, huh? Isn’t that what friends are for? To tell you when you’re being a complete moron? Please, friends, I invite you to tell me I’m being a moron, if, in fact, I am being a moron.

xoxo, mj


For details on the “Fresh-Faced for 40 Days” makeup fast, check out this post.

Please join me! You can participate as passively as cheering me along (I will need lots of encouragement), or as actively as joining me in fasting from makeup for the full 40 days. I would love to have some ladies on this journey with me! If you’re interested in joining me, I’ve made a Facebook group where we can keep each other updated on our progress, post links to our blog posts, and generally hold each other accountable. Obviously, we’ll all be starting on different days, so it’ll be fun to cheer each other on through the different stages.

Also, feel free to use the button I’ve made (in the left sidebar, on the top) to link-back to the original post, so you don’t have to do all of the ‘splaining to your friends if you don’t want to.

Or, you can just subscribe to my blog over there in the sidebar, or follow me on twitter @melissajenna.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to share them. I always love hearing what you guys have to say.

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  1. I adore your tenacity with this endeavor.

  2. I did this last year! You can do it! Ever since my fast I only wear foundation and blush and some days I actually FORGET to wear makeup. You will realize how much you were created by an intricate, attention-to-detail, and perfect God and you’ll stop resenting him for making your face “ugly” because you’ll realize that it’s beautiful and wonderfully made. It’s worth it. 🙂

    • No way! This is so cool! I can’t wait to read all of your posts on the subject! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I’m just really excited. 🙂

  3. You girls are making me SO happy! I don’t wear much makeup (at all) because (a) my husband hates it and says he doesn’t want to kiss makeup…he wants to kiss my face (b) I feel there are things I would be trading that are more worth my time if I gave that time to make up and (c) I don’t want to spend the money on it……but mostly I think it is (d) that we sell ourselves short when we feel like we’re not good enough with no makeup….like God somehow messed up. Sure I feel pretty strongly that acne and such is a result of the fall (I mean it is gross and hurts and is just yuck) but that doesn’t mean I have to find my identity in hiding behind makeup.

    Basically- I’m just pouring this out because while I hold strong enough convictions to go out and about bare-faced (and have for several years), I often find my heart still going to the wrong place and worrying about what others think of my appearance. I really wrestle sometimes in this area and sometimes even get into a phase where I want to get all dolled-up everyday –even at the expense of my husband NOT liking how I look as much– just because I start to struggle with seeing myself as “better” that way. It’s always when I am falling into the standards set all around me….in advertisements, magazines, TV, movies, and EVERYWHERE.

    I struggle with getting my heart right in lots of things, actually.

    I struggle with the clothes I wear.
    I struggle with the food I eat.
    I struggle with the entertainment I desire.
    I struggle with LIVING FOR CHRIST in all that I do.

    Sometimes even when I start to figure out what His standards might be, I totally screw that up too because I start to make “rules” for myself and feel oh-so-special about what I am doing instead of just falling on my face in thanksgiving over what HE has done for me.

    The point is…I am so ENCOURAGED to see others STRUGGLING against the culture and truly seeking God’s standards. This is NOT easy stuff. Will we ever be perfect? NOT.EVEN.CLOSE. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t fight till the end!

    Really really glad I got a chance to look through more of your stuff….(I commented on your 50sg/MM post earlier….I’m the mom with all the littles with no time….haha. I am putting off bathtime to write this one). Anyway…loving SO MUCH of what I am reading…..and again…praying for you! This stuff is TOUGH!

  4. Hi Melissa! I found your blog through your 50 Shades post, and I adore it! I tried to subscribe via RSS, but it seems like there is something wrong with your code. Just wanted to let you know! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  5. And now on top of everything else, you said, “wildebeest!” You rock.

  6. I never wore much makeup in high school, but I absolutely identify with your feelings of not being pretty unless I was wearing the products I felt necessary. If there was a picture posted on facebook of me without makeup, or if I was not wearing much and I saw my crush, I freaked out! I didn’t feel like I was worthy of facing the world without makeup.

    In college, surrounded by beautiful girls, this issue got even bigger. I started wearing more and more makeup. But second semester of last year, I started hanging out with a great group of friends who are the farthest thing from superficial. I found myself going to lunch with them with little-to-no makeup on at all, and my hair in a ponytail, and feeling more confident in my face and my personal style than I ever had before. Now, I love the way I look with makeup, and I love the way I look without makeup! So I really believe that in the next few weeks you will love yourself without makeup too!!! Stick with it! I’m cheering for you!

    Oh, and one more thing — I had no idea at the time, but one of the guys in that group of friends had his eye on me as more than a friend. 😉 He’s now my boyfriend! (We’ve been dating almost 6 amazing months.) ❤ I know girls whose long-time boyfriends have never seen them without makeup. But mine has, and he's said that I'm beautiful with makeup, without makeup, before I lost weight and after. 🙂

  7. Carran

     /  July 6, 2012

    Dearest Melissa,
    I am 56 years old and it seems the older I get the less makeup I want to wear. I have had a couple of laser treatments on my skin to help with the stupid damage I have done to my skin as a teen and summer lifeguard every year in high school. I appreciate my skin now and try to take very good care of it. The only makeup I wear much anymore is tinted moisturizer, a little sun bronze, tinted lip gloss and mascara. I feel very pretty with this little amount of makeup on and people tell me my skin is very pretty. I taught a class many years ago on what ever we are are addicted to becomes our “god”or identity. I wore no makeup for a week to prove to myself and my classmates that I was willing to be seen and give up something I liked in order to make sure my identity was not wrapped up my outer appearance but my relationship with Christ. For me this was not hard because it has never bothered me to be seen without makeup. Now my addiction to diet coke that is another story! You are a naturally beautiful women and it would seem inside as well. Real beauty is not skin deep, ITS SOUL DEEP! LOVE YOUR BLOG.

  8. (This is long, but there’s a point, I promise!)

    I’m enjoying your self-reflection about this. I have extremely sensitive skin, severe eczema, rosacia, large pores around my nose (like you mentioned–in my case, that’s from rosacia), and (probably because of eczema) very uneven skin-tone on my face and obvious dryness, sometimes flaking on my face.

    I used to always wear makeup. Then recently, I gradually started liking my face better with very natural-looking, minimal amounts of makeup or with none at all. Now I can honestly say that I have caught myself seeing my bare faced-reflection and thinking I look beautiful. A year ago I couldn’t look in the mirror with makeup on without making a loathing comment. However, a few things happened, including something I found online. (The other things include a word from the Lord, and just allowing my skin to take a breather by going without makeup more often.)

    I recently discovered, via Google, the amazing, secret, superpowers of olive oil.

    Not only is it helping my eczema immensely, but, (as the website promised) it has balanced out my skin so that I no longer get pimples, the few acne scars I had are healing, the red/unevenness in my skin is nearly gone, the large pores look normal-sized now, there is no more dryness, and my skin is basically glowing these days.

    You said on day one that you disliked your large pores and uneven skin tone. You might want to give olive oil a try! You can use it in place of many other products, but here’s how to use it on your face:

    At night: massage olive oil all over your face, especially focusing on problem areas like acne scars. Don’t rinse.

    In the morning: Wash your face with olive oil. Let it soak in for 3 minutes before rinsing.

    There is no need to use any other face wash, but I find that I need to exfoliate more often. I use baking soda with a little water to exfoliate my face.

    Make sure it’s extra virgin olive oil.

    I know this sounds strange and like it would clog your pores or make your skin produce more oil, but olive oil is actually balancing for your skin. Believe me, it is working hard against all my skin problems!

    And I promise, I’m not working in marketing for any olive-oil producers 🙂

    • I am so glad that I had commented on this and subscribed…I am excited to try this! Thanks for the info!

  9. Amy K

     /  July 21, 2012

    Hi Melissa! I’m a new-ish subscriber, and have really enjoyed reading your stuff. This series on the make-up fast is hardcore awesome!! I just wanted to share something that might help you out: Father Mike Schmitz is the priest for the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Catholic campus ministry. His homilies are recorded each week and put on iTunes. I listened to this one yesterday, and it was the ultimate Godwink: I had been struggling the night before and this homily just blew my mind away because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I hope it does the same for you.

    [audio src="" /]

    “When security becomes an idol, then we will gladly allow ourselves to become slaves in exchange for the illusion of security.”

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