Review: LeapFrog Touch Rockin’ Guitar

Upload a video of your kid jammin’ & learning with Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Visit for detailed contest information and rules. #LFtouchmagic #spon

I’m not gonna lie: Ellie has been playing games on my iPhone since she was a year old. It started with a super-basic coloring app, but nowadays she’s playing all sorts of somewhat complicated games. It’s pretty amazing, actually. But here’s the thing about Ellie playing iPhone games: I want to use my iPhone, but she keeps hogging it. This is a problem.

First thing in the morning, this kid is jamming to the Alphabet Song. Watch out, Karen O.

Enter the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar. The kind folks at Leap Frog sent us one to review, and to be honest, when I first looked at it, I thought it might be a little over Ellie’s head, as it doesn’t have depressible buttons. (That’s why it’s called “Touch Magic.”) But, like I mentioned above, Ellie is a gosh darned professional iPhone-er, so wouldn’tcha know it? She took to the guitar in no time. When I showed her how to strum the guitar by running my fingers across the “strings,” Ellie said “Cut Rope!” (As in the game “Cut The Rope.”) She TOTALLY gets it. And? She kind of rocks it.

The guitar has 10 built-in songs (the Alphabet Song is Ellie’s favorite, probably because she already knows all the “words), along with guitar, percussion and special effects sounds. Aside from me being able to reclaim my iPhone from the hands of my 2 year old, my favorite feature of the guitar is that the song speeds up and slows down, depending on how quickly Ellie is strumming, which is a great way to introduce the concept of tempo control to a kiddo who’s a bit too young to comprehend actual musical concepts. Also? When she touches the applause button, her face LIGHTS UP, and she starts clapping for herself, which is a hoot, let me tell you. (How wrong is it that I hope she keeps responding that way to applause well into her teenage years?)

[Edited to add that Ellie just discovered how to play the guitar with her nose. This is HILARIOUS! Hopefully I can catch her doing it on video. 🙂 )

The verdict? My iPhone has become MY iPhone again (at least for the next couple of weeks), Ellie’s practicing to become our family’s first rock star, AND I get to watch her wiggle around to music she’s making “by self” (aka, “all by herself” in Ellie-language). All good things!

I want one of you to win one of the $500 gift cards. Call me selfish, but I want it to be someone from my audience. SO. Here’s some details to keep in mind about the contest:

  • Visit and upload a video of your kid jamming & learning with Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar or your own play guitar that you can create out of your own materials.
  • Promote your video by sharing via Facebook and email with friends and family to view and vote.
  • Each video will be judged by the following criteria: 50% based on the highest number of votes from viewers on the website, 30% originality/creativity, and 20%-­‐relevance to theme. The five videos with the highest consumer votes and LeapFrog Panel votes will each have a chance to win a $500 gift card!

And here are some guidelines to ensure that you have the best possible chance of winning:

  • Try to find a well­‐lit place to record your video
  • Keep your video to a maximum of two minutes
  • Avoid using a lower pixel quality camera (i.e. cell phones with video recording capabilities) (If you’re using an iPhone 4 or 4S the quality will be great and you don’t need to worry about this one.)
  • Check the video before posting – Can you hear yourself? Is the picture clear enough?

I’ve been a bit too slow on the draw to get a usable video, but you better that as soon as I do, we’re entering. You will die of cute when you see Ellie playing and dancing. It’s just too much.

Singing along to the Alphabet Song, like a boss.

That’s all for now! See you all again on Friday morning, with a long-overdue post about the Makeup-Fast (it’s over THIS WEEK).




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This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Miss Amaryah

     /  August 8, 2012

    Sounds like a toy my kiddo would love!

  2. I need this. Haha.

    Doesn’t seem to show up in the Canadian version of their store though. Might have to order from the US.

    Either way, it will be mine! Errr, my daughter’s…

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