Review: LeapFrog Touch Magic Alphabet Bus

Upload a video of your kid jammin’ & learning with Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Visit for detailed contest information and rules. #LFtouchmagic #spon

If you were around last week, you’ll remember that I reviewed LeapFrog’s Rockin’ Guitar). Well, the generous folks at LeapFrog also sent us another learning toy called the Touch Magic Alphabet Bus, which uses the same touch technology as the guitar. And just in time for Ellie’s birthday!

Like the Rockin’ Guitar, the Alphabet Bus has no depressible buttons; it’s entirely touch-sensitive, so using it comes totally naturally to a kid who’s used to playing on their parents’ iPhones/iPads. It has the alphabet (of course), and each letter either “says it’s name,” makes its appropriate sound, or “says its name” and an object that begins with the same letter. I like that it cycles between different options, because when Ellie hits the “C” over and over and overandoverandoverandOVER again, it doesn’t repeat the same exact thing every single time. Which drives me less crazy.

In addition to the alphabet, there are animal characters that play music, a keyboard, drum and cymbal, and three different modes to play in: “letter mode,” for learning letters, “game mode” where the Bus prompts you to find different letters or animals on the Bus, and “jam mode” for playing music along with accompaniment.

So, did you ever have one of those little plastic keyboards when you were a kid? And it played music, sort of, but only if you pressed one key at a time? That used to drive me crazy, because I wanted to play CHORDS, and you cannot play chords with only one note. The Alphabet Bus scores big points with me, because you can play ALL of the notes on its keyboard at once! How cool is that? Maybe I’m making a big stink out of nothing, but I didn’t expect the Bus to be so advanced. Am I little envious that Ellie can play chords, when I didn’t get a chord-capable keyboard until I was 15 years old? Well, yeah, or course. But at least I get to play with Ellie’s. 🙂

In all seriousness, Ellie really enjoys playing with the Bus. But it’s not loud-dancey playing like with the Rockin’ Guitar. I’ve never seen Ellie so quietly focused on a toy before. When I first gave it to her, she took it and explored all of the features like it was her job. And even now, almost two weeks later, she’s still gets all quiet and focused when she plays with it. It’s adorable. Proof:

And, like I mentioned last time, LeapFrog is hosting a video contest, in which you can win a $500 gift card. I want one of you to win one of the $500 gift cards. (Call me selfish, but I want it to be someone from my audience.) SO. Here are some details to keep in mind about the contest:

  • Visit and upload a video of your kid jamming & learning with Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar or your own play guitar that you can create out of your own materials.
  • Promote your video by sharing via Facebook and email with friends and family to view and vote.
  • Each video will be judged by the following criteria: 50% based on the highest number of votes from viewers on the website, 30% originality/creativity, and 20%-­‐relevance to theme. The five videos with the highest consumer votes and LeapFrog Panel votes will each have a chance to win a $500 gift card!

And here are some guidelines to ensure that you have the best possible chance of winning:

  • Try to find a well­‐lit place to record your video
  • Keep your video to a maximum of two minutes
  • Avoid using a lower pixel quality camera (i.e. cell phones with video recording capabilities) (If you’re using an iPhone 4 or 4S the quality will be great and you don’t need to worry about this one.)
  • Check the video before posting – Can you hear yourself? Is the picture clear enough?

Good luck! And I’ll be back on Friday with some words on the Makeup Fast. (Finally!)




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This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. TBH, I miss the depressable buttons…


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