My Take on the iPhone 5 Announcement (And Lake Michigan!)

Hey y’all! I’ve been in Chicago all week for work, but I took some time today to film a short video about today’s iPhone 5 announcement. Whaddaya think? will you buy one? Also: got any good recommendations for things to do/places to go/places to eat at in Chicago? I’ll be here through Monday, so I’m excited to see as much of the city as I can. 🙂




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  1. I know you’ve been to Pizzeria Uno, but you should also go to Lou Malnati’s for their Chicago style pizza and hot dogs!

  2. Brandon Barkley

     /  September 13, 2012

    I feel certain you have probably already had some authentic Chicago pizza, but if not, that is what you need to do. Giordano’s is the place I have always went, but my mother-in-law swears Gino’s East is better.

    If you are even remotely into hot dogs/sausage dogs, you should go to Portillos. They have these delicious Chicago-style dogs with tons of fixings.

    Any of the Oberweis Dairy locations have excellent milkshakes and ice cream if you want a treat after dinner.

    I am sure there are tons of other great places, but those are some that stick out from my brief visits up there. 🙂

  3. I second the Giordano’s recommendation. My husband and I were in Chicago for a conference a year ago and it was amazing!


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