Daily Vlog 7: Food Bank Challenge

Half the people that are in the top 10 of the ShareSLO Social Ambassador contest are using a “vote-farming” website to get ahead, and typically this type of cheating wouldn’t bother me (because I believe I can succeed on merit alone), but in this contest, only the top 10 vote-getters get an interview for the job. Meaning that I’m being edged out of earning an interview because others are choosing to compete dishonestly. It’s all very disappointing.

But rather than vent and complain (too much) about it, I decided to turn this negative into a positive, by running a little “voting-scheme_ of my own. The video explains it all. 🙂


Have you read about my quest to become San Luis Obispo’s first “Social Ambassador?” Check out this entry for more details!  And if you feel so inclined, I’d love your vote for the ShareSLO Social Ambassador contest today! Here’s the link: just scroll until you see my name, or better yet, use “command/control + F” to find me. When the box pops up, just type “melissa” and you won’t even have to scroll!



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