Daily Vlog 9: The War of Art

Too often I see people waiting for everything to be “just right” before they begin to invest time and energy into the things they love doing. Well, if it’s true “your first 10,000 photographs are your worst,” then why the heck not start now? The overwhelming majority of us were not born with inherent skills or talent, and will have to work our entire lives to gain mastery of a thing. Why not start now? You know what’s happening while you’re waiting around for the stars to align (or for your website to be set up the way you want it)? Other people are creating, and getting better at their craft. No, their websites aren’t perfect, and no, they may not “have the time” to produce excellent-quality work, but they’re getting their 10,000 out of the way a heck of a lot faster than you are. (I guess I’m feeling tough-lovey today.)

One of my greatest fears in life is that I’ll die before I give myself the opportunity to create. And this blog, and this video blog, is a part of what I do to battle against that fear on a daily basis. What’s your thing? Go do it! Do it now!

Also, if you’re interested in reading Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art,” you can find it on Amazon for about $10.


Have you read about my quest to become San Luis Obispo’s first “Social Ambassador?” Check out this entry for more details!  And if you feel so inclined, I’d love your vote for the ShareSLO Social Ambassador contest today! Here’s the link: just scroll until you see my name, or better yet, use “command/control + F” to find me. When the box pops up, just type “melissa” and you won’t even have to scroll!



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  1. I haven’t really gotten into the world of “YouTubers” but I do enjoy watching Makeup by TiffanyD for makeup tips!

    Have you ever done any posts on your video setup? I think I would like to try some more vlogging but the lighting in my house is AWFUL.

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