And The Winner Is…

The wait is finally over! San Luis Obispo’s first social ambassador is…. Mr. Bentley Murdock!

Bentley Murdock ShareSLOBentley and is an 18 year resident of SLO, and is an immensely talented singer/songwriter. He also teaches music to children in San Luis Coastal Unified School District. But even more important than what he does is who he is. From the outset of this competition, Bentley was friendly, helpful and generous, not just to me, but to every other contestant involved. In fact, with him, there was no spirit of competition. I would be more sad to have not been offered the job if Bentley were not the person chosen, but because of the interaction we’ve had this past month or so, I can totally vouch for his character, and couldn’t have picked a more genuine, positive person. I’m so excited to support his effort, and to see how he shapes and directs the ShareSLO initiative.

Thank you, again, for your support you guys. If I don’t sound brokenhearted enough, that’s because I mean what I said. Bentley is a fantastic person, and it’s hard to be too upset with this result. I’m excited to share my upcoming projects with you all, but I’m going to take a few days to lay low and enjoy my anniversary before I get to talking about that stuff.

Talk soon!



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