My Changed Mind

We have a crummy way of treating people who change their minds, and I think it sucks. Here’s a little bit of my story of a (slow, uncomfortable) change of mind.

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  1. Never thought that you were a atheist before! 🙂

    I think…people tend to think that because they are “right”, that they have the right to treat people however they wish.

    You’ve touched on a few interesting things, the nature of friendship, of changing minds, etc.

    Will just say for now, that I don’t have an issue with people changing their minds. What I do not like is partisanship. Where people have so little information, sure they can form a view. But they portray it as a solid decision, firm foundation, whatever. Kinda like, I believe this ’cause I KNOW it’s right. Then when they change their minds, at the very least they should be held accountable to how they talked about their former position? Sorry I’m not being very clear now. One more thing – am talking here about politicians.


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