What worked for me in February


I’ve started a new habit of doing a monthly review of what worked and what didn’t, and rather than keep these learnings to myself, I’ve decided to share them with y’all. There have been so many times that I’ve personally benefitted from this kind of post in the past, and I hope you get something out of mine as well. At the very least, I hope you’re encouraged to continue (or start!) taking stock of which habits, perceptions and beliefs are helpful to you, and which are hindering you. Let’s cast off the stuff that’s dragging us down, and pick up only that which equips us and enables us to do the good work that’s in front of us.

On that note, here’s what really benefitted me in February:

  1. Grocery Delivery (via Instacart): I’m leading with this one, because it was the hardest for me, but has had a correspondingly significant impact on my life. One thing about me that is awesome, but also terrible, is that I get deep gratification out of doing things for myself. Part of this is fueled by innate curiosity, another part is fueled by my tendency to pinch every penny as hard as I can, and another part is my pride/ego/shamelessly high confidence in myself. This sometimes pathological inclination is how/why I learned to do everything I’m vocationally good at (yay!), but also many things that are totally outside my sphere of interest, and probably better left to professionals (see: installing hard-wired interior lighting fixtures). So, grocery delivery was a hard pill to swallow.

    Maybe you need to say this along with me: “Just because I CAN do something myself, doesn’t mean I SHOULD do it myself.” Maybe your time is better spent on the stuff you’re called to do, or the people you’re called to care for. Maybe someone else is out there hoping to pick up some extra cash, and would love to deliver groceries to a generous tipper like yourself.

    My do-it-all-ness can become an ugly source of identity and pride for me, if I’m not careful. So this is me saying it loud for the people in the back: I do NOT do it all. I don’t even try. And I’m better off for it, if you can believe it. If you have Instacart in your area, try it and get $10 off your groceries.

  2. Family Life Today (podcast): I’ve written about FL Today in the past, so I’ll keep this short. If you could use an extra boost of sound Biblical teaching that’s super-practical to your everyday life, this program could be for you. I’ve slowed down a little bit in my audiobook listening, and have swapped in FL Today. I find myself better focused and having a more healthy perspective on family stuff when I remember to keep them in mind.
  3. Bedside Humidifier: It’s been chilly in the evenings (it’s getting down to freezing some nights!), and we’ve been running the heater at night. Accordingly, the air inside the house is super dry, and I was waking up with headaches and a sore throat almost every morning. Dry air is also terrible for your skin (it’ll age you super fast), so I knew I had to to something. This little humidifier has made waking up so much more pleasant!
  4. 20-Minute Naps: I’m an evangelist of the power of a solid 20-minute nap, and last month I was intentional about making the time for them. I averaged 3 20-minute naps each week in February! I can’t prove it, but I feel like they helped me fend off a couple of colds, and definitely helped me pull through several extremely taxing days.
  5. This recipe for Sopa Fideo from my friend Sue. It’s delicious, and makes enough that you can freeze the second batch for later. I deviate from the recipe by tossing an obscene amount of vegetables in it—squash, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach—go nuts! My children LOVE IT.

And now what didn’t work so great in February.

Leaving my iPhone outside my bedroom. In an effort to put some distance between myself and my technology, I intended to plug my iPhone in to charge out in the living area, and never bring it into my bedroom at night. I wanted to stick to reading physical books before bed, make room for more intentional conversation with my husband, and adopt a habit of reading scripture first thing in the morning. I only achieved this about half the days out of the month, which is disappointing. It would appear that I’m more addicted to my phone than I had previously thought, which, as someone who is keenly aware of the negative effects of screen-use before bed, and the addictive draw of social media, leaves me surprised.

That’s all for this roundup! I’m always interested in learning what’s working (or not) for you, so please share in the comments below, or drop me a line on social media.

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