Monday is My First Day at My New Job

Rosetta’s brand-spankin’-new West Coast HQ. Ain’t she a beaut? Click HERE for more images.

I’m very excited to announce that Monday will be my first day in my new role as Talent Brand Ambassador at Rosetta! I’m honored (and humbled) to be welcomed onto such a talented and innovative team, and I can’t wait to get started. (You can get acquainted with Rosetta at , and of course, I’ll do my best to answer whatever questions you have.)

But of course to begin this new chapter, the previous one must come to a close. When I started at iFixit, the video department did not exist, and “MJ” was concept in my imagination. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done over the past few years, and I’m confident the video department will thrive with the fresh perspective and energy of a new host. (But I’m not going to spill the beans on who that person is, so you’ll just have to wait and see.) 🙂

To those of you who came to know me during my time at iFixit: it’s been such a pleasure creating content for your guys, and interacting with you on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your support! I hope you’ll continue to follow the channel, and welcome the new face of iFixit with enthusiasm. And, of course, you’re invited to continue following me on my journey. I’ll be *very* sad if I have no one to nerd-out with over the iFixit teardowns. 😦

Thanks again for your continued support, especially those of you who’ve been with me since *before* iFixit, back in the days of YouTube’s infancy, and the advent of “web personalities.” Pretty remarkable how much things have changed since then, huh?

Onto new beginnings!

TL;DR? I have a new job that I’m stoked about. Leaving iFixit is bittersweet. I love you guys. ♥


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iPhone 5 “Scratch-Test” (Featuring My Toddler)

Curious to know how scuffed-up the iPhone 5 will get over time? Ever wanted to watch a toddler smash an iPhone with some keys? Today is your lucky day. Me and Ellie performed some highly scientific experiments on it today at iFixit, and at the very least, I think you all will get a kick out of it. Enjoy!

Is this not simultaneously adorable and terrifying thing you’ve ever seen? We had a lot of fun making it. 🙂




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So What’s Inside the iPhone 5?

Happy Friday! Here’s what I spent the day working on yesterday. As some of you already know, I write and host a webshow for a iFixit, and part of what we do is a thing called a “teardown.” Basically, when a new gadget comes out, we get out grubby little hands on one as quickly as we can manage, and then we take it apart and reveal what it’s made of. So, if you’re at all curious about the iPhone 5, then I hope you enjoy the video we made!

So, whaddaya think? Did you learn something? If you want to see the complete teardown (it’s pretty fantastic), check it out on iFixit. Also, I have to admit this to you: the reason I look so tan is because I accidentally used my bronzer brush (instead of my powder brush) to apply my matte-powder, and I kept touching-up with it all day long, thereby applying more and more bronzer to my face. WHOOPS. By the end of this I have skin like Snooki. My Bad.

Hope you liked the video!




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Sacrificing Sustainability on the Altar of 18-Month Product Cycles

Hey folks!

I’ve been at iFixit a little more than usual this week, and have had gadgets and repair on the brain. I know that sustainability in tech design isn’t the sexiest subject (but honestly, if you’re looking for sexy, you’re at the wrong blog), but you need to be aware of this kind of stuff. Just watch the video, and if your interest is piqued, look into the issue a bit more. Agreed? So here is a small sliver of what’s been on my brain this past week regarding the latest updated Apple computers.

Quick and easy, right? Like ripping off a bandaid. If you want to read a bit more about why sustainability in design is important, and how unsustainable design is hurting the world, read this article my boss just wrote. (Fair warning: if injustice makes you angry, prepare to get a little pissed-off.)

MacWorld 2012

So I write something totally graceless and somewhat mean, and then I let it sit there as the top post on my blog for three weeks? Yeah, that’s how I do.

Life in Beanland (is that what I’m calling it now?) has been– you guessed it –pretty busy. Which I’ve grown to detest writing, because, let’s get real here: whose life isn’t pretty busy? This is not something new. Things are always go go go around here, but especially lately because I spent a few days planning (and taking) a trip up to San Francisco to attend MacWorld (an annual Apple expo), for work. I went last year, too, but I’m not sure I blogged about it, so this might be the first time you’ve heard of it.

MacWorld 2012 was similar to MacWorld 2011 in the basic structure of the event, but different in the sheer amount of speaking that I did. Not in any official capacity, but to individual attendees. iFixit has always been hugely popular at MacWorld, but “MJ from iFixit” has experienced a sudden and somewhat surprising surge in popularity. People like putting a face to the name, and I realize that, but I was not prepared to be recognized by and engage with so. many. people.

So our audience is much bigger than I understood, and more people have seen/used our content than I realized, and I’m totally humbled by the quality of people I got to talk to. I’ve rarely met such thoughtful, polite, excited folks, aside from Nerdfighters and girls with Bieber-fever. (Did I just compare fans of iFixit to those afflicted with Bieber-fever? Boy, did I.) And I talked so much with people about their experiences with iFixit, and their love of fixing stuff, and their total devotion to our tear-downs (“even if someone else beats you guys to it, I don’t look at it, I just wait for you to publish yours”) that I lost my gosh-darn voice. Wow!

So thanks MacWorld for being a great host (again), and for being a place where I can almost certainly take a picture with Sinbad.

And thanks iFixit fans for being completely awesome and fun and inspiring! Can’t wait to do it again! Here’s a short video we did with some folks at the expo: 

(And though this post is about my job, I was not paid or encouraged to write this post. I just felt like writing, okay?)

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