“All I Want is a Beach-Chair Somewhere…”

A lot has happened since I last updated. For starters, I finished in the top 10 in the ShareSLO Social Ambassador contest! And I owe that to each of you that voted, even just once, but especially those of you that voted on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your support, and for joining me on that journey.

I had my official interview for the position on Saturday. The interview went well, though on the drive home I did think of a couple of questions that I could have given better answers to. You know how that is, I’m sure. You hop in the shower the day after an interview, and suddenly, BAM! The right answer just pops into your head. C’est la vie. Like I said, even considering that, it went well. Plus, you guys should have seen my resume. I reformatted it in the form of an infograph, and MAN. It’s good. The copy clerk at Staples said it was the best she’d ever seen, and that’s not nothing. 🙂 If you’re into well-formatted graphic documents, let me know and I’ll send you a blank copy for your own personal use.

Then I got sick. (Like one does after staying up until 1AM working on a thing like the contest for a month.) Last night I had a fever of 102.something, though today I’m feeling slightly better. No fever at least.

And tomorrow. Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary! Here’s to hoping that I miraculously kick this thing in time to spend a relaxing evening with my husband (without coughing all over him).

Also, tomorrow is when they choose who will be the ShareSLO Ambassador. No big deal. The official announcement is public on Thursday, but if the hiring process for this job is like others in my experience, they’re going to have to notify the applicant tomorrow (Wednesday), in order to process their new-hire paperwork and run a proper background check. If that’s the case, then the applicant will be notified tomorrow. But they could gamble, and not notify the applicant until Thursday, under the assumption that the background check will clear. Needless to say, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the announcement on Thursday.

If you think applying for a job, and interviewing, and everything that comes with that is stressful, try doing it in front of your family, and friends, and thousands of loving supporters. For OVER A MONTH. This must be, like, .03% of what it feels like to run in a Presidential election. (Maybe .003%.)

I’m serious. It’s hard, in our culture, to admit that one cares about anything at all, let alone putting yourself way out on a limb that has a 90% chance of snapping, and dropping you to the ground. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE YOU KNOW. I’m telling you, after the “campaign” portion of the process was done, all I wanted was a beach-chair somewhere far, far from the Internet. How the heck is Mitt Romney handling it? I don’t even know.

Feeling feverish again. Bring on the Nyquil. Breaking out the big guns. 😉

Talk soon! xoxo, mj


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Vacation Life: Nature, Animals and Antiques!

Happy Monday, friends! Secret: I don’t care for Mondays much. (Show of hands if you agree.) It’s just really hard to transition from having our family all together, to going back to the grind. Weekends are a little slice of heaven, I’ll tell you what, and Mondays are the pits. And as the weather would have it, this Monday is cold and blustery, but that didn’t keep us from meeting our friends at the park this morning, nosiree. Nope. We went to the park, and I forgot to pack an extra pair of pants for Ellie, so as soon as her little tushie got the slightest bit damp (wet clothes drive Ellie nuts), she demanded to be held for the rest of the park date. C’est la vie.

But onto happier things! This past weekend we did lots of vacation-lifeish stuff: we went to a high school football game (go Pirates!), spent Saturday morning at the Morro Bay Natural History Museum (see video below for dive-bombing pelicans and seals jumping outta the water), and on Sunday, I got to go to “Remnants of the Past” antique and vintage show. Here are my favorite pictures from the last three days:

Friday: Park day, and a football game!

Ellie hamming it up at the park on Friday.

Yellow Crustose Lichen on a tree

A yellow crustose lichen on a tree. So pretty!

Godsey Family at Football Game

Us at the Morro Bay High game. Go Pirates!

Saturday: Natural History Museum in Morro Bay

Inspector Ellie!

Ellie using a magnifying glass on Dada at the Natural History Museum

Ellie’s trying to learn to use binoculars.

Morro Rock from the Natural History Museum

A view of Morro Rock from the Natural History Museum.

Sunday: Remnants of the Past Antique and Vintage show in San Luis Obispo

A pano of the show entrance. Look at all those goodies!

Junk Girls Lamp Display at Remnants of the Past

Check out all these awesome lamps made by Junk Girls! I wanted to take all of them home. (Junk Girls are local, btw. Check ’em out on the Facebook.)

Bombshell Betty Shop at Remnants of the Past in San Luis Obispo

Bombshell Betty Shop‘s display was definitely the most fun looking. So colorful! And she had a necklace that matched the arrow in my blog header, so I bought it. 🙂

Bombshell Betty Shop Display

A close-up of Bombshell Betty Shop‘s display. It looks like a candy store, but for jewelry.

House Wren, from Austin Texas, had my favorite display at the show. So many gorgeous handmade pieces! And those hanging lamps were to die.

If you’re into handmade, upcycled stuff, you need to check out House Wren’s website. And if you live in Austin, Texas, please go there and buy all of their lighting fixtures and mail them to me. Thanks! 🙂

How about you guys? Did any of you do any vacation-living over the weekend? Oh, and if you made it allll the way to the bottom of this post, here’s a video I made that has some awesome footage from the Morro Bay Natural History Museum. I’ve never seen so many seals breaching the water at once!




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Vacation Life (A Beginning)

Morro Rock in Morro Bay Harbor

Morro Rock, in Morro Bay. You’ll be seeing a lot of this big fella.

It makes sense that after writing an entire post about “balance,” that’d I’d completely abandon my blog, right? Yeesh, have I been away for a while. Sorry ’bout that.

Obviously, I’ve been taking some time away from my computer. This happens when the weather is in the high 70s in October, and you live a couple-a blocks from the ocean. (Humble brag if I ever wrote one.)

But seriously. I guess I just felt like I needed some space. Not from you all, or the blog in general, but, like, real physical space. So, I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, and very little time writing. This, as you can imagine, is both good and bad. On the one hand, my summer tan has extended itself into an autumn tan, which is worth at least +25 awesome-points. On the other hand, well, I’ve been completely MIA, and since writing is somewhat cathartic for me, I’m starting to get a little antsy. But I have an idea! And I think you’ll enjoy it.

(Prepare yourself for a flat-out brag.)

I live in the most beautiful place in the world. (Somewhat debatable.) It is also the happiest place in America. (Not at all debatable, unless you want to go toe-to-toe with Oprah Winfrey.) I’m blessed in countless ways, but I hold where I live very close to my heart. I’ve lived lotsa places (my “about me” page talks about some of them), and the Central Coast of California is truly special. It struck me, a couple of weeks ago, that I live where millions of people vacation each year. So why the heck aren’t I living it up more? Then I asked myself this question:

“What would I be doing differently if I were vacationing here, instead of living here?”

I felt as if I was taking this amazing location for granted, and that if I didn’t snap out of it soon, me and my family would be stuck in a rut of just existing here, rather than truly living here. Does that make sense? We’d keep on doing the work-home-sleep, work-home-sleep shuffle until we’re too old to hike 128 some-odd hiking trails in the area. And that simply won’t do.

Enter: Vacation Life!

“Vacation Life” is the tag I’m going to use for all of the posts that have to do with exploring this amazing place my family calls home. Over the past two weeks I’ve amassed a ridiculous number of photos from various excursions, but I’ll only share the best ones here on the blog. (Don’t want to spam you with 17 pictures of the same sunset, ya know.) This way I’m staying active and enjoying my surroundings and I have a steady stream of beautiful photos to share with you guys. (Gotta love a real win-win situation.)

Of course, not all of my “Vacation Life” posts will be breathtaking sunsets and seaside panoramas. Because what else do people do on their vacations? They relax. They treat themselves. They spend quality time with their family. So I’ll share that stuff, too.

So, I’m inviting you all to get to know us Godseys a little better, and join us as we try and make the most of where we live. I hope you enjoy it! And who knows? Maybe some of you will dig a bit deeper into what makes your towns special, too. And if you do, please let me know! I would love to see/read more about y’all and where you’re from!

For starters, here’s a panorama I took of the sunset last week. We were barbecuing, and suddenly: BLAMMO. Pink and orange everywhere. So I ran on up to the crow’s nest and snapped this quick photo with my iPhone. (Say what you will about the Maps app in iOS 6, but the panorama feature is totally worth it.) You can click on the picture to see it full-sized.

Sunset in Morro Bay
xoxo, mj
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