Photo Ops With Role Models (Me & Donald Miller)

I spent Friday and Saturday at Storyline Conference at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, and it completely messed with my head. I’ll write at length about it later this week, but right now, it’s bragging-time:

Melissa Jenna Godsey and Donald Miller

You know, just hanging out with Donald Miller. No big deal.

So, yeah. That happened. Don’t know who that is? That, friends, is Donald Miller, author of some books, including one called “Blue Like Jazz,” which you pretty much need to read if you’re going to continue calling yourself a friend of mine.

There we are, all buddy-buddy friend-like. Two peas in a pod, me and Don. Contemporaries. Peers. Amigos.

Reality: All of my courage dripped out of my feet while I was waiting to speak with him, so when our time finally came, my voice was the volume of a child’s whisper, and I never said any of the things I had planned to say in my head while I was waiting in line. He signed my book, we took a picture, and that was that.

The only solution is to Internet-stalk him until I get the courage to actually express myself. Right?

Sigh. I admit my embarrassing dorkiness to you all because I love you. Because it’s totally okay to be a dork. Because even the most chatty people we know freeze-up once in awhile.

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